Before the Interview


  • Learn as much about the company as possible. Through your consultant, the company webpage or annual report.
  • Dress appropriately. Smart business wear.
  • Be aware of interview time, place, interviewer’s name and the business title
  • Practice going over your career. Make yourself clear with memory of your
    current and previous companies and career. Take your time and consider how your career and experience are related to the position. It is important to compile your sales points and past achievements.
  • Practice possible answers that they may ask you.
  • Interview is not just about answering questions. Be ready to ask questions
    from side of being interviewed. The company side is able to assess if you qualified for the position from a candidate’s questions. It is a good opportunity for a candidate’s side to learn if you can gain growth and development from the company. 




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  1. Things to do:
    • Be fully prepared for the meeting. Practice answering possible questions. Be able to summarize your entire career.
    • Show enthusiasm for the position and company.
    • Be friendly, smile
    • Have good eye contact
    • Have a strong handshake. It shows your character.
    • Be confident
    • Speak clearly with conviction
    • Ask intelligent questions.
    • Be observant to the company corporate environment to see if you would enjoy
      working there.
    • Show your worth, you have one hour to tell about your background, what you can
      do for them as well as learn about the company and position.

Private and Confidential

• Key elements to have a successful interview are enthusiasm and preparation.
Things not to do:

  • Falsify your background
  • Make negative comments about your present employer or co-workers.
  • Do not be late. If you are, call to notify them or call your consultant.
  • Overconfidence (cockiness, falseness, superficiality)
  • Do not ask about the salary or compensation for the position. They already know your
    compensation before the meeting.
  • Do not put the interviewer on the spot.