Things to do:
• Be fully prepared for the meeting. Practice answering possible questions. Be able to summarize your entire career.
• Show enthusiasm for the position and company.
• Be friendly, smile
• Have good eye contact
• Have a strong handshake. It shows your character.
• Be confident
• Speak clearly with conviction
• Ask intelligent questions.
• Be observant to the company corporate environment to see if you would enjoy
working there.
• Show your worth, you have one hour to tell about your background, what you can
do for them as well as learn about the company and position.
• Key elements to have a successful interview are enthusiasm and preparation.

Things not to do:
• Falsify your background
• Make negative comments about your present employer or co-workers.
• Do not be late. If you are, call to notify them or call your consultant.
• Overconfidence (cockiness, falseness, superficiality)
• Do not ask about the salary or compensation for the position. They already know your
compensation before the meeting.
• Do not put the interviewer on the spot.

Questions to ask:
• What is the reporting line of the position?
• Why is the position open?
• Can you provide further details of the position?
• How would you describe the corporate culture of the company?
• What type of training does the company provide?
• What challenges can I expect in the position?

Questions they may ask you:
• What do you know about our company and position?
• Tell me about yourself
• Why did you get into sales, HR, or marketing?
• What are your career goals?
• Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• Why are you considering moving from your present company?
• Why do you think you’re qualified for this position?
• Can you work under pressure?
• Logic questions. Why are manhole covers round? How many gas stations are
there in Japan? Ect. These questions are to test your thinking process.
• What type of supervision do you work under the best?
• Can you provide us with what you consider your major achievement in the past?
• What is your management style?
• How do you define teamwork?